Monday, April 24, 2017

social issue

For our last bit of school we are doing and social issue report. My social issue is should God be able to be like said in schools  I chose this because it has two sides to it. The research wont be hard to find for both sides. I also think that this will be an interesting because this has been a really big conflict over the past few years.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Argumentative essays

    What do you think about argumentative essays? We have been learning about how to write a good argumentative essay.I think that I get how to wright an augmentative essay. I like to get into big discussions with my friends about things we like and things we dislike and we always have our facts about it so it kinda feels natural to wright and argumentative essay. I do really like writing these essays they are fun if you have the right topic. The first time I wrote about if it was okay to bring food into the movie theaters. I thought i did pretty good one it. It was kinda a hard subject to wright about because I never have done it so I wouldnt know what it felt like.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

My Noun

In English we had to pic a noun. My noun that I picked was peace. The reason that I picked peace was because I think that there could be more peace in the world. My family hates all of the bad things that people do to others. My grandma always says that even if you don't like the person no one should be alone on holidays.You should never be at war with anyone. I really like the word peace because everyone should have sort of peace in their life.

  I now have more information on my noun here a few things. Peace means a state of tranquility or quiet. Another fact about peace is that there are a lot of different words that mean the same thing like the word calm. J.F.K. did a really amazing speech on June 10,1963. He talks about how man kind is doomed if we dont have peace. I agree with him if we dont have peace in the world then what do we have to live for.

Friday, January 6, 2017

This is Milbank

  One place in milbank that is important to me is Popers Fire Works. The main reason that it is important to me is because it is kinda a family tradition to go get fire works. It is really cool cause one of my best friends uncle is the owner of poppers.
   One person who has done something significant in milbank is my Grandpa he has donated a lot to the community for different things.

   One of my favorite event in Milbank is Farley Fest. It is a weekend when every one is invited and u can donate money for the fire work show at 12am. There are booths and food places to eat it is really fun. I like to go walk around with my friends and have a good time.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Life Blog

Dec. 12,2016

Right now My family and me start to make the Christmas cookies and give them to people who we know like family, friends, and our church pastor. Some of our family traditions are to go and look at all of the Christmas lights and get hot chocolate. Last weekend we went over to my best friends house and made cookies and cheese cake balls. We had a lot of fun. that night we went to my grandma and grandpa house and made tacos and after we ate we watched Secret Life of Pets. The movie was so funny and we all loved it. Then on Sunday we sat around and did any home work and watched TV cause it was snowing and it was cold. Now today I am at school and writing this and school today was kinda boring. That is all for right now be back soon.

12 things I like to do around the Christmas holaday

Dec. 9,2016
1. The first thing I like to do is put up the Christmas trees
2. Bake cookies with my grandam
3. Go to fort sisation and make ornaments
4. Stay up late
5. I like to go sledding with my sister or get pulled behind a snowmobile
6. Drink hot coco with my grandma
7. Put up Christmas decorations
8. Open up presents with my family
9. Hang out with my cousins
10. Go black Friday shopping
11. Have a snowball fight
12. Go ice scating with my friends

Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanks Giving

This post I am going to talk about thanks giving. My Thanks Giving tradition is to stay at my grandmas and then get up early and help make all the food for everyone. I love thanks giving because I get to see all of my family and we get to watch the Cowboys and the Redskins play on Thanks Giving.
  The Cowboys are my favorite team. They are 10 -1 they are doing really good.My family is really big in football and when it is on we all get in to it.